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RE: libcurl with Darwin SSL and self-signed certificates

From: Arun Victor <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 15:37:38 +0000

>If you connected to it in Safari, and told it to always trust the certificate and proceed, and it still did not trust the certificate after a quit and relaunch, then I think >something is wrong with your user keychain, since it works as expected for me. Try it on a different user account.
After a fair amount of tinkering around, trying different machines and user accounts, I finally got the above to work on a 10.6 machine. I have a 10.8 OSX which simply will not connect to the site even after adding the self-signed cert to just about every Keychain I saw (so no "Are you sure?" message from Safari or anything - simply does not connect), whereas 10.6 does pop up that message and adds the cert to the login / system keychain when you say "Trust Always". Has anyone seen this behavior or know of self-signed cert issues with 10.8?

I know at this point, the thread has probably gone off-topic - although the real need was/is to use libcurl to communicate with self-signed certs on a Mac, it looks like it might be broader issue involving 10.8. So if this is no longer the forum for this discussion, I'll understand.


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