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Are libcurldll.a and libssh2dll.a meant to be named as such?

From: K. Frank <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 09:06:47 -0400

Hello List!

I downloaded the 64-bit mingw-w64 version of libcurl:


and installed it by unzipping the file.

In its lib64 directory I find


I might have expected them to be named


with an additional dot ('.') preceding the "dll."

This would have been consistent with the naming of the other
libraries, e.g., libcrypto.dll.a, and seemingly more consistent
with the naming of the .a and .def files.

It's hardly a big deal -- in my compile command I specify
"-lcurldll" rather than "-lcurl", and everything works. But
I'm wondering if this choice of naming was intentional, and
if so, what the reasoning is.


K. Frank
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