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Re: Problem with AUTH against Telia SMTP server

From: Gokhan Sengun <>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 16:22:49 +0300

Thanks Kim for the assistance.

> < 535 invalid user ID or password
> * Authentication failed: 535
I forgot this one, lucky that moved it under "look at later" folder.

It is interesting to see this failure. When the time I incorporated
DIGEST-MD5 into libcurl based on RFC 2831, I was able to test the
functionality against two different servers, first was Axigen and the
other's name I do not remember but it was written by a smart German hacker
who has written in-house products for several internet protocols :)

Unfortunately I have changed my interest vertically and no longer maintain
a libcurl development environment to do the testing myself. I checked the
base64-encoded messaging between libcurl and Telia and it looked almost OK
to me but I do not remember much about DIGEST-MD5 RFC. So before I dig more
detail and bang my head to the walls, I am thinking that this could still
be with the Telia. It looks according to the below link that kmail is not
compatible with RFC 2831. It is possible if Telia developers tested their
server against kmail :)

1. Could you please take a look at the server logs and check if you can see
something interesting?
2. How may I get Telia server to setup the environment? (Interesting but I
could not find it).
3. Do you have any chance to test with another SMTP client to force

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