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ERR_remove_thread_state not found in LIBEAY32.dll with mingw-w64

From: K. Frank <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 20:48:23 -0400

Hello List!

I am new to libcurl, and am trying to use it with mingw-w64.

I have written an compiled a very simple test program and when I run it
I get a windows pop-up message box that says:

   Entry Point Not Found

   The procedure entry point ERR_remove_thread_state could not
   be located in the dynamic library LIBEAY32.dll

Some details:

My program is technically c++, and contains a single call to
curl_global_init (CURL_GLOBAL_ALL);

It seems to compile and link correctly:

   g++ -g -o libcurl_test libcurl_test.cpp -lcurldll

I am pretty sure that I have the proper include and lib directories set up
for building my test app and have the proper bin directory in my path
when attempting to run it.

It is worth noting that the command line curl.exe (that came with the libcurl
download) does run without error, e.g.,

   curl --version

   curl 7.31.0 (x86_64-pc-win32) libcurl/7.31.0 OpenSSL/1.0.0k
zlib/1.2.8 WinIDN libssh2/1.4.3 librtmp/2.3
   Protocols: dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap
pop3 pop3s rtmp rtsp scp sftp smtp smtps telnet tftp
   Features: AsynchDNS GSS-Negotiate IDN Largefile NTLM SSL SSPI libz

The version I am using I downloaded from,
from the Win64 - MinGW64 section. I downloaded the devel package:


and unzipped it.

I have seen some comments that made it sound like ERR_remove_thread_state
is new or deprecated or something, and that having a version mismatch between
libcurl and libssl could cause this problem. But I believe I am using
libcurl and
libssl both from curl-7.31.0-devel-mingw64.7z, so I would imagine that they are

Note, I did not build libcurl myself with mingw-w64, so there could be
a mismatch
between the libcurl compiler and the version I am using, but I don't
see how that
kind of thing could cause this specific problem.

I am using mingw-w64 g++ 4.8.1, downloaded as:


and running 64-bit windows 7.

Thanks for any advice.

K. Frank
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