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Curl 7.31 PCSI kits now available for VAX, Alpha, and IA64

From: John E. Malmberg <>
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 23:47:36 -0500

While CURL 7.32 is just about to show up, I have still set up 7.31
distribution kits as part of improving the OpenVMS port.

The kits support SSL on all platforms and include libcurl as a shared image.

They can be used with or with out the GNV project. The release notes
should be extracted and read before the install.

SSH support is not yet available for curl on OpenVMS.

Curl 7.31 PCSI kits have been deployed at

      vax0730/ VAX/VMS 7.3
      axp0830/ AXP/VMS 8.3 and 8.4
      i640840/ I64/VMS 8.4

The curl kits need the appropriate zlib kit from the same directory:


The VAX kit needs the CPQ SSL kit installed.

The Alpha and IA64 kits need the HP SSL 1.4 kit, preferably the latest
installed. The release notes describe how to get the current kits from
the site via free download.

The release notes describe a work around to use the HP SSL 1.4 kit with
out replacing the older HP SSL kit.

The kits will optionally install backup savesets of the source used to
build the kits.

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