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Documenting URL and custom requests

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 10:50:33 +0100

Dear friends,
A couple of years ago, I started expanding the example URLs in the libcurl documentation: for the email protocols and afterwards Dan and others added to it for some of the other protocols which was great.
For POP3, and more specifically IMAP, the URL and Custom Request combination can get quite complicated. Rather than having to post examples here everytime someone doesn't know where to look I thought it would be good to provide those examples in the same documenation.

This morning I have added an example for retrieving a list of new messages via IMAP. However... I realised, after the website updated from the git repository that it doesn't read correctly to list URLs with the -X curl command line argument in the CURLOPT_URL section of the libcurl documentation.

As such, I wanted to ask where would be a better place to document these examples. Some of the options I thought of are:

* Add them to the CURLOPT_URL section as I have started to?
* Add them to the CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST with a note and link in CURLOPT_UTL
* Create a new page that both the libcurl and curl documentation can link to
* There may be another page on the site that would be better

Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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