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VMS - shared libcurl files, updated gnv build files.

From: John E. Malmberg <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 22:53:01 -0500

Add in the files to build a shared libcurl on VMS.

Update the packages/vms/readme file to be current.

Also some files for the GNV based build were either missing or needed an

curl_crtl_init.c is a special file that is run before main() to set up
the proper C runtime behavior. generates the VAX transfer vector modules from
the gnv_libcurl_symbols.opt file.

gnv_conftest.c_first is a helper file needed for configure scripts to
come up with the expected answers on VMS.

gnv_libcurl_symbols.opt is the public symbols for the libcurl shared image. builds the shared libcurl image and rebuilds other
programs to use it.

macro32_exactcase.patch is a hack to make a local copy of the VMS
Macro32 assembler case sensitive, which is needed to build the VAX
transfer modules.

report_openssl_version.c is a tool for help verify that the libcurl
shared image is being built for a minium supported version of openssl
for that platform.

Tested with curl 7.31 using DCL based build and curl 7.32.0-20130731
using a GNV based build.

Next is to get the scripts for building VMS packages working for all
three architectures.


Received on 2013-08-01