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RE: Order of HTTP auth schemes

From: Joe Mason <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 20:33:12 +0000

I sent this to the list a few minutes ago, but I forgot that I hadn't re-subscribed with my new email address, so it might have been eaten as a post from a non-member. Apologies if it comes through twice.

When a site advertises several HTTP auth schemes in a 401 response, the user agent is expected to choose the "best" that it supports. The standard practice is to use the order:


See, for example:

> When a server or proxy accepts multiple authentication schemes, our network stack selects the authentication
> scheme with the highest score:
> Basic: 1
> Digest: 2
> NTLM: 3
> Negotiate: 4
> The Basic scheme has the lowest score because it sends the username/password unencrypted to the server or
> proxy.

However, in the pickoneauth function, curl prioritizes "Digest" ahead of "NTLM":

    pick->picked = CURLAUTH_GSSNEGOTIATE;
  else if(avail & CURLAUTH_DIGEST)
    pick->picked = CURLAUTH_DIGEST;
  else if(avail & CURLAUTH_NTLM)
    pick->picked = CURLAUTH_NTLM;
  else if(avail & CURLAUTH_NTLM_WB)
    pick->picked = CURLAUTH_NTLM_WB;
  else if(avail & CURLAUTH_BASIC)
    pick->picked = CURLAUTH_BASIC;

What's the reason for this, and would you be open to swapping it?

I wonder if there should be an option to set the priorities for each - although I recommend hardcoding BASIC to be the lowest priority.

(I've actually looked at that code a hundred times and never noticed it wasn't NTLM than Digest, because the "standard order" was so ingrained into me, until I found a server with a broken Digest setup. Every desktop browser I tried used NTLM auth and was able to log in fine, but our curl-based browser chose Digest and the server wouldn't accept any passwords. Users complained.)

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