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Re: vms_show hack explained

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 19:23:33 +0100

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013, John E. Malmberg <> wrote:

> I have reasons for all of them from a technical point of view. But in some
> cases, it is more a case of what I have time to implement and test.
> I am currently trying to get a number of vms ported projects up to date and
> also document how and why to do things a certain way so that I can get out
> of a fire-fighting mode.

Ah, I can feel your pain from here trying to achieve a bootstrapping
stable point with all cross project dependencies.

> The VMS compiler removes all private unused functions. For small functions
> it will also inline optimize them.

Great news there.

> There are some VMS C library routines that do not function the way that curl
> needs because of bugs in various versions of them.
> Because of the way that the VMS C Compiler works, I first have to define a
> macro to "hide" the routine, include the real header file, undo the macro,
> and then undo the macro, and then define the macro routine.

Ok, with all that info...

It is more palatable for me the inclusion of source code functions
into lib/setup-vms.h as long as the following are all met:

1) curlbuild.h is just a copy of curlbuild.h.dist or it is a true
equivalent of a properly generated one based on The
resulting one shall be auto contained and can not depend on HAVE_*
macros. Notice that this file is used when building the library and
also when using it already installed with no config.h around.

2) Generated or hand-crafted config.h does not include a single header file.

3) No change is done to the placement where header files curlbuild.h
and setup-vms.h are included.

4) Any special VMS need in other source files protected with 'ifdef
__VMS' guards instead of 'ifdef HAVE_*' ones. Although with what you
have in mind it seems near none will remain in some future.

>> For now, we should focus on making sure that 7.30.0 will build out of the
>> box.
>> BTW, did you miss?
> No I did not, but I will not have time to respond for at least 8 to 10 hours
> from now as I have to run out the door now.

Ok, don't worry there's no hurry. Just wanted to know if you missed it or not.

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