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Re: Curl_resolv_timeout

From: Nick Zitzmann <>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 18:41:04 -0700

On Mar 8, 2013, at 5:20 PM, Early Ehlinger <> wrote:

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> From your page: "I built these binaries with the threaded resolver for asynchronous domain name lookups. This doesn't do much if you only use curl_easy handles, but it speeds up curl_multi handles somewhat if your app uses them to transfer several things at once."
> Wouldn't it speed up all handles now that curl is 100% curl_multi internally? Or would that still be true if I only use the curl_easy API?

If you're using curl_easy handles on a single thread, then the threaded resolver or c-ares is not going to get the domain name resolved faster. If, however, you have several curl_easy handles in a single curl_multi handle on a single thread, then there will be multiple lookups going at once if the threaded resolver or c-ares is in use, so the process will be faster. (Unless my understanding is wrong…)

Nick Zitzmann

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