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Re: DarwinSSL in infinite loop when server stops arbitrarily?

From: Guenter <>
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2013 04:55:10 +0100

Hi Nick,
I've posted this already to you privately, but in case your spam filter
doesnt like attachments I thought I post here again and with links ...

Am 04.03.2013 02:49, schrieb Nick Zitzmann:
> Okay, so I did this:
> 1. Saved the code in your message as a text file called ""
> 2. Exported my test server's certificate from Keychain Access as a PEM to the same folder as, as "server.pem"
> 3. Ran the server: python
> The server ran, but any time I try to connect curl to it, it connects and then hangs up during the SSL handshake, returning errSSLConnectionRefused when SSLHandshake() is called. Something similar is happening when I try connecting with OpenSSL, so it's not the engine. Am I missing a step, or how do I get this to work? I'm using Mountain Lion Server, and I'm using the stock Python interpreter with no add-ons installed.
probably your server.pem is incomplete; I guess it needs cert + key in
one file; I did just test this on Linux as well as on Linux and it
worked on both platforms with recent curl 7.29.0 and with older one ...
(for nicer output I added a \n after "Hello World!", but it worked also

Python server script + server.pem:

Results from my tests:


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