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Re: prebuilt libcurl static library for android NDK

From: Guenter <>
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2013 03:51:57 +0100

Hi Alex,
Am 27.02.2013 15:33, schrieb Alex Powell:
> Dear Guenter,
> Having just been through the process of building for Android I can
> happily say the Install.html document was of little useful value
> without much hunting around the internet, downloading all of android,
> mucking about with various things and eventually writing a 20 line
> shell script to set all the various aspects of the system up (this was
> for an SSL build). Most of this blame lies at the door of Android's
> SDK (that has a habit of changing between releases - now on 4.6 or 4.7
> tools), though actually once it was clear what all the bits were for
> it started to go faster. Currently the help is vague, and you must
> *really* understand the gubbins of the NDK to have a fighting chance.
I dont think so. Also I dont see that you followed any of the
suggestions from INSTALL like creating the standalone toolchain and
using a clean cross-compile; instead you use paths into the original
NDK, muck up with a bunch of CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, etc.
I dont think this is the recommend way to build a C library for Android.
Look, I started same and had link-time issues as well as run-time ones,
I then googled and found that these probs are very common, and a whole
lot of others faced same or similar issues; then I came over a hint on
Stackoverflow from someone sugegsting to create the standalone
toolchain, and after I did this magically everything went smooth; I
could cross-compile OpenSSL, libssh2, libmetalink and finally libcurl
just fine without any issues ...
so I dont think its worth to add such a script and start to confuse more
developers with this; maybe that you really need such in your special
case, but I currently dont believe its right to recommend such;
the binaries you find on the curl website were tested by me on Android
2.3, 3.2, and 4.0.x, and run on all platforms fine; maybe I add soon
also a devel-package which holds at least static libcurl and its static
dependency libs (dynamic linkage is another story since you cant always
install to same location on all devices; f.e. if you have R/O system
partitions; thus making it hard to provide the correct *.la files).


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