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Re: [PATCH] Addition of trailer headers in HTTP requests generated by libcurl

From: Chrysovaladis Datsios <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 12:00:51 +0200

I'm sending a patch of my git commited changes (tryed to keep the
indent style, apologize if missed something)

> 3 - I would appreciate a way that starts off with a much smaller buffer but
> that can grow if needed.
Now I start with a buffer of 256 and it grows up to 100K. Added checks for

> 4 - Why do you need 'trailer_headers' to be in the connectdata struct? I
> could easily remove it and just have it as a local variable and nothing
> seems to break?
I made it a local slist which is freed when is no longer needed.

> 5 - Please consider a few test cases that proves that your code is working.
I attached a sample code, though I'd like some more suggestions on test cases.

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