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simplest https program using libcurl compiled with SSH support

From: Katie Scott <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 09:26:57 -0800

Hello World,

I am slowly learning how to program with libcurl and am working my way
through example code.

Thank you Andrei Jakab for the information about compiling libcurl with SSH
support in Visual Studio 2010.

I must admit to being new to BOTH libcurl and Windows-based programming and
I seem to have a problem integrating the two worlds completely.

I snagged the simplest https program from the website and
exchanged the with one that I know will respond with a simple
web page when I go to it with my browser.

No matter what I do (so far) I keep getting the error message
curl_easy_perform() failed: Unsupported protocol

I am linking to the library I compiled with SSH support - proven by my
ability to compile the curl app.

I have tried setting CURLOPT_CAPATH - thinking it could be a cert
verification error message (clutching at straws...)

Any clues? I am at my wits end and I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance,


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