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Re: limits of independent curl connections

From: Tom K. <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:55:23 -0600

> When everything "locks up" as you say, does the machine really stop working
> or is there network traffic still going on?

I fairly sure that all traffic ceases, though I will double check.
The box sounds like it has power, I get no events in the event viewer,
no crash dump from the OS. I interpret this as something getting in
the way of the OS, but that is a guess.

> To me, this sounds like a serious problem somewhere to a level that libcurl
> shouldn't even be capable of doing. Like a network driver problem or so.

That is my intuition as well, though I just wanted to make sure I
wasn't doing something nonsensical.

Most of the windows people which I've asked this question guess at AV,
firewalls, drivers as likely causes since it seems to work in safe
mode. I've looked at drivers for upgrades, though they seem to be up
to date. AV is my next thing to check.

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