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Ares: socklen_t problem

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 20:32:54 +0100

c-ares commit cf7ad9758dd792 includes the following change to ares.h:

@@ -579,6 +579,12 @@ CARES_EXTERN int ares_set_servers_csv(ares_channel channel,
 CARES_EXTERN int ares_get_servers(ares_channel channel,
                                   struct ares_addr_node **servers);

+CARES_EXTERN const char *ares_inet_ntop(int af, const void *src, char *dst,
+ socklen_t size);

socklen_t in a public header file is potentially problematic.. there
used to be one in <curl/curl.h> until 7.18 I think, but it got too
troublesome to maintain so it got removed. Now, the reason I noticed
is that libcurl autobuilds started to fail on Tru64.. see
I'm not sure while it fails on Tru64 though, as it actually has
socklen_t (in <sys/socket.h> as long as e.g. _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined,
which I believe it is). socklen_t is 64 bits on Tru64. Anyway that
declaration fails. I'm not sure why, it's rather obscure:
cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -std1 -noansi_alias -warnprotos -msg_fatal
toofewargs,toomanyargs -g0 -O1 -c -MD ares__close_sockets.c -DPIC -o
cc: Error: ares.h, line 583: Ill-formed parameter type list. (parmtyplist)
                                        socklen_t size);
Trivial tests with socklen_t compiles though.

Anyway, that's actually a side-track.. the problem is that
historically it has often turned out to be a bad idea to
unconditionally use socklen_t in a public header file.

(p.s. I'm not on the c-ares mailing list)

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