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Re: [Patch] lib/config-dos.h

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 11:38:55 +0100

"Yang Tse" <> wrote:

> Pushed your changes, although #2 done differently.

I saw that. Okay by me.
> If you are trying to figure out for some specific system what should
> be defined, use the following heuristic. Don't define HAVE_MALLOC_H
> nor NEED_MALLOC_H and see if everything compiles and works nicely.
> OTOH If you get errors about implicit declarations of malloc() free()
> etc, and you have malloc.h define NEED_MALLOC_H and try again.

Okay. So it looks like a test for NEED_MEMORY_H is missing from the
CMake system.

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