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[Patch] lib/config-dos.h

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 18:28:30 +0100

1) HAVE_TERMIOS_H and HAVE_STRLCAT are for djgpp only.

2) The "HAVE_CLOSESOCKET_CAMEL" hack is not suited for
  MSDOS/Watt-32. To close a socket, close_s() should be used.
  Not obfuscated as CloseSocket(). Change reflected in curl_setup_once.h
  also. Camel as in Apache Camel?

3) Need to force High-C to use strerror_s_() and not strerror().

Also I have a beef with the 'NEED_MALLOC_H' used in some places.
What's the distinction between having some header and needing a header?
We absolutely need <string.h> and other str*() functions everywhere, so why
aren't there a NEED_STRING_H/NEED_STRINGS_H also? IMHO, it should
be renamed to HAVE_MALLOC_H.

Patches for 1) - 3) attached.


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