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Re: Darwin SSL issue - missing bytes

From: Bruno de Carvalho <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 02:45:16 +0000

On Feb 8, 2013, at 5:31 PM, Nick Zitzmann <> wrote:

> Thank you for testing. I'll take a look later, but I don't have an iPhone 5 for iOS testing. Can you reproduce the problem under OS X? If it works there, then could you try it with the network link conditioner (which you can download from ADC; it's one of the hardware I/O tools)?

Ok, after a bit more digging got it replicating from the command line. I'm using pretty much the same tools as last time, except this time I've placed the dummy mirror server behind an HTTPS load balancer at Amazon EC2.

Here's the client part:

Just unpack and run ./uploader -- should fail and say the response has ~343b. If you cat the resulting received.txt file, it's just the webserver saying it timed out waiting for the upload.

"uploader" is just a ruby script, comments inside point you to both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints behind that EC2 LB; use at will.

Again, thank you so much for your help!

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