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Re: [curl:bugs] #1187 winsspi ssl engine was unable connect through ssl (fwd)

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 21:55:14 +0100

Hello everyone,

2013/2/4 Daniel Stenberg <>
> I need a little help from someone with decent Windows knowledge to comment on and massage this issue!

Daniel, thanks for the separate hint on this issue. Otherwise I
probably would have overlooked it.

> winsspi ssl engine was unable connect through ssl with curl build with winsspi(no openssl):
> this error occured only on some specific machine: win7 without sp1
> maybe it's related to
> and the problem has gone. i don't now if CURL really need specify ISC_REQ_EXTENDED_ERROR cause it's not related to client side;

I don't think the flag is actually required by curl itself, but from
the following description I though it was a good idea to use it:
> When errors occur, the remote party will be notified.

It may be related to the issue/hotfix you linked above. I don't know
if using the flag actually brings any benefit to curl, so I would
suggest to remove it for now. It might improve the way a connection is
closed in case of an error, but thanks to the TCP-layer that should
not be a problem.

I am going to push a commit to the repository that completely removes the flag.

Best regards,
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