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b1826d81f breaks configure

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 12:01:42 +0100

b1826d81f breaks configure, see today's autobuilds page.

It seems that the problem is a bashism that is not compatible with
sh/ksh, I can reproduce it in a shell:

bash-3.00$ a=(`expr "24" : '.*'`)
bash-3.00$ echo $a

No problems there..
Then with ksh:
$ a=(`expr "24" : '.*'`)
ksh: syntax error: `(' unexpected

Or with the bourne shell:
$ a=(`expr "24" : '.*'`)
syntax error: `a=' unexpected

and that is the type of error that causes all those 'configure'
autobuild failures:
../curl/configure[1666]: syntax error at line 1666 : `(' unexpected
(Tru64, Solaris, AIX, IRIX)
The bourne shell above is 'bsh' on AIX and has a slightly different
error, but both ksh and bsh (sh) works as expected without the


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