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Re: IBM-AIX xlc internal compiler error

From: Frank Chang <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 09:21:37 -0500

Tor Arnsten, When we build the open source library ICU(internationalization Components Unicode) C and C++ library on our IBM-AIX platform, we observe that the C files are compiled without the -qnoansialias compiler flag.
      In the libcurl-7.28.1 file ./am/curl-compiler.m4 , there is a switch switch with case statement (IBM_C)
        tmp_CPPFLAGS="$tmp_CPPFLAGS -qnoansialias"
We are curious about why libcurl-7.281. IBM-AIX xlc uses -qnoansialias whereas the IBM-AIX ICU(internationalization Components Unicode Library) does not use -qnoansialias. Thank you for your all of your help

 -qansialias | -qnoansialias
                Specifies whether type-based aliasing is to be used during
                optimization. Type-based aliasing restricts the lvalues that
                can be used to access a data object safely. The default is
                -qansialias. This option is obsolete. Use -qalias= in your new
                applications. The default with xlc, xlC, c99 and c89 is
                ansialias. The optimizer assumes pointers can only point to an
                object of the same type. The default with cc is noansialias.
                This option has no effect unless you also specify the -O
am/curl-compilers.m4 --
        tmp_CPPFLAGS="$tmp_CPPFLAGS -qnoansialias"

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