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Re: [W32] Testsuite does not build in 7.28.1 anymore

From: Guenter <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 03:31:06 +0100

Am 21.01.2013 11:35, schrieb LRN:
> I don't think the problem is in functions per se. The problem seems to
> be in the testsuite linking the tests in a way that doesn't quite work
> on W32. AFAIU, instead of linking to libcurl, as apps would do, test
> programs are assembled from some of the compiled object files that go
> into libcurl. So the header tells it to link to dllimport mprintf
> functions, while the object files provide only normal mprintf
> functions for internal use. Something like that. I've tested 7.28.0,
> testsuite doesn't build there too. 7.27.0 testsuite, however, builds
> correctly. That said, nothing stands out in 7.27.0->7.28.0 diff, and
> there are no intermediate releases to check.
you should try a build with --disable-shared - I guess that will fix
this issue; there's a problem in the testsuite, and I would say we
should always link the test progs statically on all platforms, but
there's a place I think in which needs to be fixed to do
this ...


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