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adding a protocol to (lib)curl?

From: Jens Staal <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 09:37:34 +0100

Hi all

I just got a (potentially silly) idea about adding support for the 9P2000 file
transfer protocol / file-system [0] along with http, ftp, gopher etc to get
curl (the binary) to also act as a 9P client.

The strategy would probably involve either linking to libixp[1,2] or to "bake
in" libixp into libcurl (similar to the other protocols, the preferred

As "study examples", I have the 9P client in libixp and curl code for the
other protocols.

Some questions before I even try/start looking:

- Would the strategy I thought out even work? Any pro tips?

- how "invasive" would adding a protocol be in curl? Since I am a total
amateur, a too complex integration process would probably be above my
competence level.

- In the (unlikely) event that I actually succeeded, would upstream be
interested? I am aware that it would most likely be limited to "fringe use
cases", but there are uses for the 9P protocol, especially in communications
between virtual machines and hosts.

[1] (old release tarball)
[2] (current hg repo)

Ps. If anyone else feels the calling to do this instead of me, feel free. It
is highly unlikely that I would suceed anyway. Ds.
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