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Another change for docs/INSTALL, and a suggestion

From: Nick Zitzmann <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:29:22 -0700

I noticed there were a few SSL-related changes to docs/INSTALL recently. I realized it's probably time to document the --with-darwinssl feature outside of the source code, so here's a patch that adds some documentation for the feature. I also made an overdue slight tweak to the curl_ssl_msg line with SSL turned off in while I was at it.

Also, I didn't make this change, but I noticed that the documentation in docs/INSTALL regarding building on Windows with MSVC is obsolete. There is newer and much better documentation for building on Windows with MSVC located at winbuild/BUILD.WINDOWS.txt. Shouldn't these two documents be merged, or should docs/INSTALL point to the other document?

Nick Zitzmann

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