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Re: Report on SSL cipher being used

From: Oscar Koeroo <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 18:12:42 +0100

On 05-01-13 14:24, Philip Montrowe wrote:
>>> Seems like something we could add to curl_easy_getinfo() - and
>>> something that will require changes for every SSL backend we want to
>>> get the info from... Anything you feel like taking a stab at?

> I was thinking more along the lines of adding an exit similar to

In short: you desire the option of setting a post-SSL-handshake callback,
before you start to transfer bytes over the SSL session.


Including an option to point to a piece of data. Am I correct?

> Thoughts?

This could be made functional for other backends. Technically all of the
backends could be equipped with this. It would help the app-developers to be
able to know which SSL backend was used in a libcurl build. For example on a
variety of Linux distributions it is possible to install libcurl with a
variety of SSL backends. It's currently not easy to know which SSL backend
is used.


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