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SecureTransport patch: Fixes broken build under iOS

From: Nick Zitzmann <>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 10:44:52 -0600

And speaking of regressions…

A libcurl user contacted me off-list and informed me that the iOS build was broken when using SecureTransport. I investigated, and found that the user was correct; it didn't build using either the device or simulator SDKs. D'oh! This patch fixes the build under both platforms. I tested it, and made sure I didn't break the build under OS X as well, and everything seems to be good now.

I also found and fixed a bug where, if SecureTransport was in use and the server hung up, then an error was raised. Please fold this into the next point release.

Nick Zitzmann

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Received on 2012-10-16