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Re: Regression in 7.28 (and 7.27) with HTTP Digest authentication and connection reuse

From: Cédric Deltheil <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 00:28:13 +0200

Le 15 oct. 2012 à 00:15, Joe Mason a écrit :

> I just discovered this myself, and I'm working on a test case.

I would be pleased to get some more details about how to reproduce this problem.

On my side, I've precisely a bunch of code that re-uses curl handles with Digest authentication so I gave the 7.28.0 version a try.

I've just bumped from libcurl 7.25.0 to 7.28.0 but I cannot reproduce Nick's problem (steps 1 to 10).

With 2 consecutive requests [1] the connection re-use works normally on my side:
* 401/200 for the first request,
* 200 for the second one, with a proper Authorization header including nc=00000002 as nonce count

[1] please note that I use a POST on my test case, plus I perform a `curl_easy_reset` before re-using the easy handle for the 2nd request.


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