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SSL failed with curl for self signed certs

From: bala suru <>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:46:51 +0530

I have converted my certificates which are DER form to PEM using below
openssl command

openssl x509 -in root.x509 -inform DER -out root.crt -outform PEM
And try to excute the curl client with error buffer set , I get the below
error while doing

*223: SSL: couldn't get X509-subject!
curl_easy_perform() failed: SSL connect error error no is 35 .*
I checked my cert with
*openssl x509 -in root.crt -inform PEM -noout -text *
and it shows that certificate does not have subject .
Now is it mandatory to have the certificate with subject ..

How to display this at curl part ..?

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