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Re: Making 7.27 problem

From: Jeff McKay <>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 15:58:22 -0700

On 10/8/2012 9:53 AM, Marc Hoersken wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> 2012/10/8 Jeff McKay <>:
>> I tried a quick test of 7.27/WinSSL using my existing application. I
>> recompiled it using the new import library and headers, and
>> substituted the new libcurl.dll. No changes to my coding. Initial results
>> don't look too promising. I basically get the schannel error
>> "failed to setup extended errors". I've attached the full curl logging.
>> Since OpenSSL continues to work fine with 7.27 I'm not going
>> to spend too much time on this, but if anyone has any suggestions about what
>> the problem might be (perhaps I need to set
>> some additional curl options?) I would appreciate it.
> I am not sure if this one applies, but could you try to apply the
> hotfix that is shown in the following link?
> Another solution would be to (temporarily) remove the following lines
> from curl source code in lib/curl_schannel.c:
> if(!(connssl->ret_flags & ISC_RET_EXTENDED_ERROR))
> failf(data, "schannel: failed to setup extended errors");
Hi Marc,

I wanted to let you know that installing that patch does seem to get Win
SSL working. I still have
to hear from my customer about his situation. You might recall some
earlier questions I posted about
a strange problem with our application shutting down in the middle of
POST operation. My customer
is pretty sharp and eventually determined that there is some problem
with OpenSSL's support for
the cipher "TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA". When he reconfigures his
system to use a different
cipher, the problem goes away. Unfortunately, his organization requires
the use of that cipher
exclusively. So I am hoping that using Win SSL will resolve the issue.

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