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Re: Stream to stdout even using CURL_WRITEFUNCTION

From: Angelo Di Iorio <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 09:59:34 +0200

2012/10/7 Daniel Stenberg <>:
> Really. Please STOP the top-posting.
> You really can't get the same content on both sides, it is only ever
> delivered to a single function from within libcurl. The function pointer
> libcurl uses (data->set.fwrite_func) is _either_ pointing to fwrite which
> may write to stdout, or it points to your function...

I deeply apologize, since I'm from Italy and I'm not a good skilled
english speaker, I didn't get the meaning of "top-post" immediately,
even if it was pretty obvious, after all.
You were right, I'm just a stupid guy: I forgot I left a printf for
debugging purpose, so that's why I had the answers to my requests on
the stdout... and I was even surprised, shame on me.... I apologize I
made you waste your time, it won't happen again! See you on the other
"topic", no more mistake (I hope lol) ;)

Angelo Di Iorio
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