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Wrong behavior when activate the LOW_SPEED_LIMIT and LOW_SPEED_TIME

From: Jie He <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 23:33:57 +0800

Hi all

I wrote a module using libcurl to support downloading from specified URL.

and for detecting the network broken, I try to use LOW_SPEED_LIMIT and
LOW_SPEED_TIME to detect the <1 byte throughput during LOW_SPEED_TIME(15

at most time, it works.

but when I limit the receive speed to 1K, libcurl often, actually 100%,
triggers the wrong operation time-out.
e.g. if I set the LOW_SPEED_TIME to n mins, the time-out will be triggered
in n mins, in the same time, the network is OK. it seems the
LOW_SPEED_TIME algorithm has some problems.

and I tried to debug in the libcurl code, found that the array
speeder[CURL_TIME] have 6 same values in the case that LOW_SPEED_LIMIT =
1K. thus, in curl_pgrsupdate(), current_speed was set to 0. after 2 times
speed check, the time-out was thrown.

the libcurl I am using is 7.27.0

Best Regards
He Jie ν

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