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[PORPOSAL] add implementations for sha1 ans sha256 to libcurl

From: Guenter <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 01:03:45 +0200

Hi all,
when I was on the release binaries I realized that the metalink support
depends on either OpenSSL or gcrypt/gnutls for the md5/sha1/sha256
calculations ...
so seems to me that builds with nss, winssl, darwinssl currently cant
support metalink ...
on the other side we have already an own md5 implementation in libcurl -
what about addding sha1 and sha256 too? I believe that such would fit
into libcurl: we deal very often with downloaded files, and it might be
a desire not only for metalink that apps want to generate checksums and
compare them against provided ones in order to verify the downloaded
files ...; so adding APIs for sha1/sha256 would be a benefit I think.
I did a quick check only, but seems there are many free implementations
around; for sha1 I found already one which I believe would fit from both
license and performance (equal to sha1sum); the sha256 I found so far is
slower compared to sha256, but I believe we can find a better one, and
on the other side it doesnt matter that much - we should implement it
the same way as the md5 code which only plugs in if no crypto lib
support is available (kinda last resort) ...
that reminds me also that f.e. OpenSSL (not checked about the other
crypto libs) can be build without support for sha*, so even with OpenSSL
aboard it might still be impossible to support metalink ...

Attached the stuff I found so far - both sha1 and sha256 were tested to
compile and run on Win32 and Linux64; I did run the performance tests on
Linux with a 4.3GB iso image.



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