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Re: HTTP Pipelining Contributions

From: Fabian Keil <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 17:44:43 +0200

Joe Mason <> wrote:

> > From: [] on
> > behalf of Daniel Stenberg []

> > > If the first response to a request on a socket is marked as HTTP/1.0, or
> > > an
> > > older IIS server version is used, or the site is black-listed (see below),
> > > the socket should be characterized as CAN_PIPELINE = false.
> >
> > This makes the blacklist basically always just grow. Will there be any means
> > of purging old entries or don't you see this as a problem?
> Well, it means that socket can't be used for pipelining for the rest of
> its life, but it's not like the server characteristics are going to change
> while we're connected to it, so that's unavoidable.

How do you intend to deal with HTTP proxies?

If an HTTP proxy is used, the socket isn't directly connected to the
server and may be used for requests to different servers. curl already
does that.

It's also possible that the server supports pipelining while the
proxy does not (or only poorly).


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