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Unit tests with several responses

From: Joe Mason <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 02:15:46 +0000

I'm trying to write a unit test for a bug with two auth requests. I want to send a Digest auth with the wrong password, and when I get back the 401, use curl_easy_reset on the handle and create a new request with the right password. I've written a test data file for this, with two <data> sections: a 401 response to send to the first request, and a 200 response to send to the second. The problem is, if I send a second request for the same url, the test server always sends back the 401 response.

I think what I want to do here is use the numbered data sections described in FILEFORMAT, but I don't understand the writeup. I've attached the two files I've got (test2023, the new test, and lib2023, a new tool to run for it). The tool should be pretty straightforward: send a request with CURLOPT_USERPWD set, and then send a second with it set to a different value. In the test file, I'm trying to use the explicit numbering:

Send back this contents instead of the <data> one. The num is set by:
A) The test number in the request line is >10000 and this is the remainder
of [test case number]%10000.

So I have sections <data1>, <data2>, <data3>, and in the <protocol> section, GET requests for /10001, /10002 and /10003. If I understand this right, it should send back the response in <data1> when it gets the request for /10001, etc. But I must not understand this, because when I run this, I get "server returned nothing (no headers, no data)". I also can't figure out how it interacts with

B) The request was HTTP and included digest details, which adds 1000 to NUM

and with swsbounce.

Little help?


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