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Re: Makefile.m32: Run del and copy commands through cmd

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2012 13:41:52 +0200

Hi Marc,
Am 01.07.2012 11:38, schrieb Marc Hoersken:
> here is a follow-up patch to my previous .gitignore patch. It makes it
> possible to build and clean curl using the eclipse CDT MinGW
> compatible compiler tool chain.
> It introduces one small regression: The del command will now show
> errors/warnings if a file cannot be deleted since I was unable to find
> a way to redirect stderr from a mingw32-make that is not executing
> under cmd process.
can we please put this on hold? I've in mind to change the makefiles in
a way so that they can also run from MSYS or Linux bash, and this will
exactly tweak at these commands ...
give me a day or two for looking into it - I did this recently already
for the libssh2 makefiles, and want to sync the libcurl ones ...


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