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Re: [STEP 1] SSPI/Schannel string literals voting process

From: Guenter <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 16:07:45 +0200

Am 27.06.2012 18:43, schrieb Yang Tse:
> Hi friends,
> Up to right now, we only have two messages proposing some string candidates:
> When summed up and once duplicates are removed, this makes that for
> now we have the following candidates:
> [Version_Literal="Schannel"]
> [Version_Literal="WinSSL"]
> [Config_Literal="SCHANNEL"]
> [Config_Literal="WINDOWS_SSL"]
> [Config_Literal="schannel"]
> [Config_Literal="winssl"]
> I want to remind that each message-list poster is allowed to provide
> up to five candidates for Config_Literal and up to five candidates for
> Version_Literal, in any number of messages, until 00:00:01 GMT of June
> 29 2012.



just a reminder: we should keep in mind that there's another candidate
of native provider: WinIDN; if we finally choose something else than
"SSL-Windows-native" for the SSL Version_Literal then we should also
sync this with WinIDN; therefore probably the best choice would be
and then:
this would also have the benefit that the Version_Literal and
Config_Literal would be equal, and finally gives less confusion.


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