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Re: Properly Implementing a Patch for CAINFO / ISSUERCERT

From: Guenter <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 22:40:55 +0200

Hi Georg,
Am 18.06.2012 19:20, schrieb Georg Wicherski:
> My approach was to simply see if the provided buffer starts with
> "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and then read the PEM data from the memory
> buffer instead of treating it as a file path. I would just like to check
> if such a dual-purpose / self-configuring API is fine with the upstream
> maintainers.
I think if you add such a new feature it would be great to also support
DER format in addition to PEM which is not possible with the file-based
OpenSSL APIs AFAIK; your simple check would again limit it only to PEM.


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