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Re: Windows SSPI Schannel implementation ready

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 21:14:01 +0200

Marc Hoersken <> wrote:

>> Identifier changed from 'WinSSPI' to 'schannel' given that this is the
>> actual provider of the SSL/TLS support. libcurl can still be built
>> with SSPI and without SCHANNEL support.
> Actually "schannel" is not the correct identifier. It's either
> "Schannel" or "Secure Schannel". Please take a look at the MSDN
> documentation before doing such changes:

Personally I don't care how we call it as long as the literal that we
use to identify that SSL is provided by MS libraries does not include
the 'SSPI' literal. For the reasons I've given in my previous mail and
commit message.

OTOH every half baked Windows user, and all power-users, knows that
schannel is the 'thingy' to hack in the registry to modify SSL
behavior. But I have no problem with calling it 'SSL-Windows-native'.

> I see that you changed the winbuild scripts to automatically set
> USE_SSPI to yes and USE_SCHANNEL to true if USE_SSL is false. Why did
> you do that? That makes it impossible to build a Windows version
> without SSL support. Before your changes Schannel was only enabled if
> SSPI was enabled and OpenSSL was not.

Fixed now. define USE_WINSSL to build with both SSPI and schannel support.

> Besides that, I liked the idea of having the low level Windows
> libaries in a separate WINLIBS variable in the makefile. Why did you
> revert this cleanup change, too?

Because in order to use debug and release versions of windows libs it
is easier to keep it as it was previously.

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