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RE: after 7.26.0

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 13:29:12 +0100

Hi Marc,

> > Oooo, Forking sounds a bit scary - I think I'll stick with the email
> > patches ;-)
> Oh, it's absolutely not. Did you take a look at the guide on

Not yet - but I will do when I get 5 minutes ;-)

> > No problem - I wasn't sure whether you wanted the changes
> > as patches or whether you wanted to give me access to your
> > fork.
> Second of all you would have access to all my personal
> repositories. I am sorry, but that's not an option. ;-)

No problem - I wasn't sure how GitHub manages access to forks.

> > Just a quick question before I do that though... Should we
> > have the version string as "sspi" as I have done or as
> > "WinSSPI" ?
> I would be like to see it show up as either "SSPI" or "WinSSPI",
> as it's an uppercase abbreviation. Just my 2 cent.

I had some additional thoughts about this overnight and I've gone with WinSSPI.

> > I thought that by having USE_SCHANNEL that would automatically
> > define USE_SSL.
> So in the end you mean that USE_SSL should automatically be
> defined if USE_SCHANNEL is defined?

Yep - When I perform an OpenSSL based curl build I don't have to define USE_SSL as well.

Looking at setup.h USE_SSL gets defined at line 583 if USE_SSLEAY or any of the other SSL libraries are defined. As such I think || defined(USE_SCHANNEL) should be added to that list ;-)

Kind Regards


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