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Re: after 7.26.0

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 11:14:12 +0200

Hi Mark, everyone,

2012/6/6 Salisbury, Mark <>
> Hi Marc,
> I'd like to test your native windows SSL work and try integrating some of what I've done on top of your work.

great! I haven't touched the code since my last posts, but since
libcurl has evolved since then, I just did a rebase on top of the
current master.

> What state is your work in currently?  I recall one of the concerns was around write buffering.

Yes, the main areas to work on are still the write buffering, general
SSPI architecture/structuring adjustments in libcurl, version
information handling and the ability to pass certificate options to

It would be great if we could work on these together.

> Does it make sense for you to send me a patch I can use to base work off?  Did you have approval to push your work directly to the repo?  As I browse the git repo I don't think any of your work has come in yet; I just see patches you sent to the list on 4/21.

No, it has not made it into the main repository yet and I don't have
write access to it. Attached you will find the newest version of my
rebased and squashed patch.

You can also find the new rebased branches at the following locations:
Full history:
Squashed history:

I look forward to your improvements!

Best regards,

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