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Re: Corrupted CURLOPT_DEBUGDATA on calling curl_easy_cleanup() with FTP

From: Andrea Narciso <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 09:49:19 +0100

> Hi, and thanks a lot for reporting this problem!
> Any chance you can write up an example source code for us that we can
> use to repeat this problem and see if it is a bug and if so, what we can
> do about it to make it go away?
> --
> /

Of course, I'll try to isolate the issue and to send back a minimal
example. Do I have to post the source code directly to the mailing list
or is there a different way to submit it?

By the way, I'm using libcurl 7.19.7 on Linux CentOS (x86_64 release
26.el6_1.2 downloaded with yum)

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