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Re: Re : Re : POST with Expect: 100-continue

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 23:22:13 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 31 Dec 2011, karim khalid wrote:

You're continuously top-posting here. I find it extremly annoying. This is my
last response to you if you don't follow the etiquette better.

> Again the client pogram get its response from the server when the server
> deal this request in less than 1 seconde. when the response time is greater
> than 1 seconde curl doesn't return any response,

Are you saying that the response comes over the wire and that curl somehow
holds on to it? There's no such functionality in curl at all so it would
greatly surprise me.

> The question for me is what does curl after send a request body ?

It waits for the response.

> another strang thing is seems Curl take more time to hadle request/response,
> the server deal a request within 250ms, curl returns this response on 28
> sec, this problem is disppaer when I removed the haeder Expect, the response
> is 3 sec rather than 28 sec.

How do you tell this is curl's fault and not the server's? Curl won't add any
additional wait when doing Expect: - excluding that initial 1000 ms wait it
might do - until it proceeds nonetheless.

Have you done some wiresharking or similar on the connection to properly put
the blame on curl for this? If so, can you share some TCP/HTTP tracing details
with us on this subject?

> when I said is there a bur on Curl, that's because there is many forum
> that's discuss about this subjet.

Sure, it is discussed widely. And I would even claim that it is also mostly
concluded that the errors exist in the server end...

> I have read the specification W3C about this header before come to post my
> question. also I have used another library HttpClient with the same Header
> Http I disdn't' get this problem.

This makes me curious, but the lack of details prevents me from making any
valuable conclusions.

Can you elaborate in detail how the requests between a modern curl version and
"HttpClient" differs when it comes to this?

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