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How to limit Persistent Physical connctions via curl( easy handles are shared by multiple threads)

From: $ag_at_r Takawane <$ag_at_r>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 19:22:09 +0530

In my C application, there are 400 threads,
I have kept global pool of easy handles to send requests to multiple
lets say 10 easy handles for requesting one server
For synchronization between threads i have used mutex locking mechanism.
I am using these 10 handles to send requests to a single server from all
400 threads(after adding it to multi handle, doing multi_perform)
Each thread has its own multi handle.
but in netsta i am seeing around 400(less than 400) physical connection
established with the server whereas i am expect 10 connection at max.

Are the threads are keeping a local context of physical connections..
I treid MAXCONNECT option but its not limiting physical connections.
I dont want to use FORBID_REUSE because its not maintaining persistent
Please help me out....
Thanks in Advance...

*Thanks & Regards,*
*Sagar Takawane

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