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[PATCH] Require a less ancient version of perl

From: Colin Hogben <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 11:53:34 +0000

I noticed that the INTERNALS document claimed that tools were maintained
to be compatible wirh perl version 4.

Intrepidly I downloaded the tarball for perl 4.0.36 (from 1993) and,
with a couple of tweaks, was able to build it. (The Configure script
listed many now-obscure operating systems, but no GNU/Linux - presumably
still in nappies at that stage.) Sure enough, perl4 barfs on modernisms
such as "my" and "BEGIN" in and

I can't imagine any development platform is really still using perl4
these days, so I suggest conservatively moving the requirement forward
to version 5.004 (from 1997).

Received on 2011-12-23