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Re: PATCH: Establishing data connections in FTP has been made non-blocking for multi interface

From: Gokhan Sengun <>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 00:20:32 +0200

> I have implemented required functionality to make "Establishing data
>> connections in FTP non-blocking for multi interface".
> Thank you!
Thanks you too for the encouragement and help afterwards in cleaning up the
way things are done. I am going to apply your changes some torture a few
days later to see everything is still working but after a quick look, I
think I noticed a potential bug.

In function Curl_socket_check with commit
you seem to leave "pfd" array's size as 2 but it could potentially be 3
(readfd0 + readfd1 + writefd) and may lead stack corruption when for some
condition all three are to be watched. Currently it is no problem since at
most two sockets are being polled.

Thanks again and have a nice evening!

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