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Progress function for FTP upload is called always with ultotal set to -1

From: Marcin Adamski <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 12:59:14 +0100

I'm using multi interface of libcurl 7.23.1. Whenever I configure FTP in order to resume interrupted upload (CURLOPT_UPLOAD = 1, CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM = -1, CURLOPT_APPEND = -1), progress function is called with total number of bytes to upload(ultotal) set to -1.

Couldn't it provide the number of remaining to transfer bytes? Without this number I can not estimate progress of whole file transfer, because I don't know how much data FTP server really recieved during previous, interrupted transfer.

Marcin Adamski

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Received on 2011-12-19