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specifying protocols for Windows LibCurl Build

From: JonathonS <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:07:43 -0800


How would I specify which protocols to enable/disable when building
libcurl for Windows?

In the provided build instructions, it looks like the Windows build
script only allows for:

nmake /f mode=<static or dll> <options>
where <options> is one or many of:
  VC=<6,7,8,9,10> - VC versions
  WITH_DEVEL=<path> - Paths for the development files (SSL,
zlib, etc.)
                                 Default to sibbling directory deps: ../deps
                                 Libraries can be fetched at
                                 Uncompress them into the deps folder.
  WITH_SSL=<dll or static> - Enable OpenSSL support, DLL or static
  WITH_ZLIB=<dll or static> - Enable ZLib support, DLL or static
  WITH_SSH2=<dll or static> - Enable LIbSSH2 support, DLL or static
  USE_SSSPI=<yes or no> - Enable SSPI support, default to yes
  USE_IPV6=<yes or no> - Enable IPV6, default to yes
  DEBUG=<yes or no> - Debug builds
  USE_IDN=<yes or no> - Wheter or not to use IDN Windows
APIs. Requires Windows Vista or later.
                                 or to install
  GEN_PDB=<yes or no> - Generate Program Database (debug
symbols release build)

I'd like to enable only HTTP and HTTPS and disable all others. I am
using libcurl 7.22.0

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