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Curl_multi_perform goes into infinite loop

From: ajil koshy <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 22:39:30 +0530


I have an https client using libcurl (with openssl) multi APIs.
Occasionally, I see that if remote peer application exits, the libcurl
client's 'multi-loop' (the one which calls curl_multi_perform repeatedly
till running handles reach zero) goes into an infinite loop instead of
breaking out. Is this expected behavior? Also, after each curl_multi_perform
call, I also check if any errors occurred on the individual transfers using
curl_multi_info_read function in which case I can exit the loop. I would
like to know what is the definitive way to find out if remote peer has
disconnected (and thereby error out of the multi-loop) while using libcurl?

I have come across articles which suggest we can attempt to read from the
socket which would but I am not sure of implications of doing this while
using libcurl. Is there any callback I can register for or info I can query
in libcurl to achieve this?


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