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Re: compilation in windows

From: Guenter <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 01:00:56 +0200

Hi Peter,
Am 25.07.2011 23:23, schrieb Peter:
> Dan,
> thanks for the snapshot link.
> I just downloaded it.
> for the first time to run:
> winbuild> nmake /f mode=static VC=8
> It will generate the following error:
> Could Not Find E:\distribution\snapshot2\curl-7.21.8-20110724\winbuild\LIBCURL_O
> Could Not Find E:\distribution\snapshot2\curl-7.21.8-20110724\winbuild\CURL_OBJS
> .inc
> However, it doesn't affect nmake keep running.
> I just checked that the file is there.
> I run ctrl+c to stop it,then rerun nmake . the above error will won't show up any more.
> I can repeat it in a different build.
> for the second time to run nmake, the build ended up with the missing
> 'Normaliz.lib' as shown below
hmm, that should be part of the PSDK; or you can either download the
Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Mitigation APIs 1.1:
or you can disable native IDN to avoid this problem (see the makefile
for the exact option, I think its WIN_IDN=no or something like that)


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